martes, 10 de julio de 2007

Finding a Job on line!

Well, now you're about to graduate... and comes the hard task of finding a job... So, where do we start? A good way to find a job is by looking for the perfect job in the internet. Let's get ready to ship off in this excting adventure!

Finding a Job!
  1. First of all... ask yourself this question: What do you want to do? What can you do? What are you certified or will be certified ...soon... to do?
  2. Next, go to Yahoo Hot Jobs or and try to located a job you'd like to have.

Writing your Cover Letter

  1. After you have selected your dream job. You're ready to find examples of Cover Letters in the internet. In order to find a good example go to Google and type: Cover Letter Example for Engineers in the search window. You'll probably find: Now, you are ready to write your cover letter. Get the job information you found and write a cover letter as you were applying for that job.
  2. Here, it's an article about writing a good cover letter. Do Cover Letters Really Matter?. Follow their advice and remmeber those tipis when writing your cover letter.

Resume Writing

  1. Ok, you have.. you located a job in the internet, wrote a cover letter... now it's time to write a resume... a winning resume, of course.
  2. Well, again ... let's go to google and find some resume samples for your expertise area... For example:
  3. Read the article about writing a great resume.
    Arm Yourself With a First-Rate Resume
  4. write your resume... you can select the kind of resume you want. Make sure your resume includes everything you need to get the job you slected and wrote a cover letter for.

Well, that's all for finding a job, writing a cover letter and a resume. Don't forget to post all your work in your blog.

Keep on shining!